Degree Six Partnering with Development Firm Incite Automation

Developing custom Microsoft365 and SharePoint systems

The Degree Six team is committed to providing comprehensive IT support and solutions for DC, Maryland, and Virginia Government Contracting teams. Doing so entails surpassing simple service delivery—we engage customers’ entire IT infrastructure with automation technology and data management systems. Today, we are proud to announce our partnership with Incite Automation to enhance GovCon companies’ business, sales, and CRM systems as well as operations processes and technology.

Below, we discuss our partnership and the benefits that clients can receive:


About Incite Automation

Fed up with time-consuming and impersonal methodologies, the founders of Incite Automation established their company to refocus their work on customers. The Incite team pairs cutting-edge technical strategies and soft skills to cut out bureaucratic bloat and deliver better business practices than traditional IT businesses. These days, they empower GovCons through business system automation, AI processes, and cloud financial systems.

Incite Automation’s featured service is low code development, wherein one platform replaces numerous custom applications and processes. Specifically, the Incite team integrates several Microsoft programs into an effective and efficient system, customizable to each organization. 

Now, Degree Six’s partnership with Incite’s team can transform our customers’ business platforms into these consistent and structured systems.

Utilizing our combined experience in IT support, Degree Six and Incite Automation will reduce your organization’s data roadblocks by developing custom Microsoft365 and SharePoint systems, which integrate your current business processes and any software you own.


Incite Automation’s Benefits for Clients

  1. Increases company collaboration and synergy
    When individuals no longer need different applications for distinct tasks, opportunities for cooperation abound. For instance, all parts of project management occur on one hub. Onboarding employees becomes streamlined. Customer information is shared across an organization automatically.
  2. Frees up time for high-level, creative tasks
    Data entry and analysis are integral parts of GovCon work, yet manual entry steals time and focus from employees. Incite’s business automation assumes these critical responsibilities, performs them better than employees, and frees staff to focus on decision-making and customer interaction.
  3. Provides opportunities to learn and grow
    Incite Automation’s sister company, Incite Discovery, offers SharePoint, Power Apps, and Dynamics courses. These materials provide Government Contractors with chances to grow in their field and adapt to its newest applications and tools.


Streamline Your Operations, Tracking, and Automation Processes Today!

Degree Six has partnered with Incite Automation to give our clients access to one of the best low code and SharePoint development firms in the US. Incite Automation’s generous acceptance facilitates benefits to Degree Six clients that were, until now, beyond reach. Improve your IT infrastructure and processes, then watch your Government Contracting agency grow more efficient. Contact us at (703) 562-5400 ext. 1 to see how we can help improve your business.

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