A Unique Proposition: Degree Six IT

Degree Six is an outsourced managed IT services company specializing in the industries of Government Contracting, Accounting, and Legal. From the Help Desk to CIO services, such as IT Strategy and Security compliance, we have integrated with our clients to their ultimate safety and growth for many years.

We are often asked how we specialize in these areas and what that means. We have listed some of our specific skills and unique offerings in each industry below, and each bullet covers aspects of your company like: operations, sales, accounting, and business strategy. There will be overlap in each industry, but this is how we understand the unique needs of our clients.

Degree Six takes responsibility for your entire IT infrastructure, providing everything you need:

 Help Desk, Device Support, Level II-III, Network Engineers, Cybersecurity, Servers (Linux & Windows), Cloud Solutions, IT Projects, CIO and IT Strategy.

Flat Rate monthly pricing:

Meaning you pay ONE cost every month, no surprises or startup fee.

Cloud First / Cloud Only Strategy:

 We help our clients move to the cloud where possible, giving them a more flexible, scalable, and reliable IT infrastructure. This improves their operational efficiency, remote work functionality, is cost effective, and allows us to provide more robust support.

Our Company

Government Contractors

• We have a GovCon specific pricing model that makes sense for email support of their contractors while fully supporting HQ staff.

• We are well-versed in the online systems they must use with the Government and understand the intricacies of their partnering and teaming projects. Often facilitated through SharePoint.

• We provide no cost compliance support. CMMC/NIST assessments, remediation, and preparation require active input and involvement from IT. We are YOUR integrated IT department, why would we charge?

• We are experts in ALL accounting software.

• Tax Season must NOT be interrupted by downtime. Whether it be your internet or your server you must have as close to 100% availability to your software and files as possible. We know that, plan it, and act accordingly.

• A simple cost strategy that you can easily budget for and plan your entire IT strategy around.

CPA Firms

Law Firms

• All our clients’ data is important, but Law Firms hold political, emotional, and financial information hackers desperately want. We ensure the safety of their information.

• Responsiveness: Lawyers have very tight deadlines that can often be unforeseen. We ensure they have the immediate support with instant communication to resolve their issue.

• Time is money, especially in the legal industry. Every hour of IT problems is one less billable hour. We make certain that your systems are up and running so that you can keep your company flourishing.

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